I am specialized in wealth management in the financial sector, tailor-made solutions for individuals and companies. Real estate divestment, vehicles that allow you to save the added value tax, for example. Investment products that do not pay the wealth tax. Retirement plans allowing a good valuation of the capital. Heritage Tips.

If you want to reduce your property portfolio, do not hesitate to contact me. I work on several projects with investors. I will study if these assets are suitable for the investment projects of my clients.

Also I have very good rental investments on the Costa Brava and Barcelona.


At Investingspain, we are specialize in investment strategies and asset management. We have a wide range of investments such as hotels, commercial premises, shopping malls, castles, real estate, petrol stations, bank foreclosures, petroleum and oil projects, international projects, warehouses, rural farms, agriculture, textiles and automotive projects, between other. As well as residential and real estate in order to rent.


We provide advice and asset management

Contractual advice

Investment strategy

Production strategy

Marketing strategy

Project Management and Development

Private Banking: fund management, financing, investments

About us
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